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Commercial Law

Solicitors specialised in commercial law

Solicitors specialised in commercial law, also known as business law, are experts in all matters concerning personal relationships and contracts, as well as in commercial aspects related to the purchase and sale of property and real estate.

Relying on lawyers specialised in commercial law in a real estate transaction provides different insights into the negotiation of a property sale or purchase, especially if it involves companies or business partnerships.

What does a commercial solicitor do in a real estate transaction?

Even if real estate law is involved and a lawyer specialising in this field is in charge of the agreements and the drafting of the sales contract, an expert in commercial law may be required if national and international companies or business partnerships are involved in the negotiation.

A commercial solicitor knows how to advise clients on the commercial and financial projects they wish to develop on their newly acquired property or land, and to guide them through Spanish commercial law.

As Spanish economic legislation, which is still largely governed by the Spanish Commercial Code, in force since 1885, is being modernised to comply with EU regulations, it is becoming increasingly important to rely on solicitors specialised in commercial law, who are familiar with both national legislation and EU regulations.

For instance, a foreign resident who is buying a property for tourism or hospitality purposes will not only need the support of a conveyancing solicitor to complete the sale and purchase successfully, but he or she will also need the assistance of a commercial solicitor.

Our commercial lawyers can advise you on national and regional commercial legislation, commercial procedures and contracts, and other aspects of Spanish Commercial Law.


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