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Welcome to Savloir

Welcome to Savloir! We are a real estate law firm specialising in the purchase and sale of properties, for Community and non-Community owners, on the Costa Blanca.

We aim to be your best host. For this reason, we have accumulated numerous real estate transactions in order to gain the necessary experience and prepare ourselves to carry out your next real estate purchase or sale. If you leave this operation in our hands you will have the peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

We care about the detail and our goal is the excellence. We want to live this process with you: we will keep you informed of all the steps we take, as well as their purpose. We will walk this path with you. We will safeguard your rights and help you keep up to date with your obligations.

Shall we start?


To make the process of buying and selling a home a pleasant experience from the very first moment.


To help non-residents establish their home on the Costa Blanca and make them feel at home.


Our philosophy is based on giving you our best know-how SAVOIR-FAIRE to make your experience easier


Savloir emerges from the wisdom that hides the sentence “savoir faire” and balances between knowledge (savoir) and law (loi). At Savloir we are a cohesive team that works to offer you impeccable service and open the doors of the Costa Blanca with the hope you deserve.

Tell us, what is “Savloir” to you?

all in order, feel at home

To make you feel at home: we speak your language, in the Savloir team you will find English-speaking, French-speaking, German-speaking and Spanish-speaking; we anticipate your needs and obligations during the sale; and we take care to provide you with everything you need in the adaptation period to your new home.

Our Method

The client is the central part of each project, so communication flows bi-directionally with each member of the Savloir team.

Each member of the team takes his place in the gear so that the assigned tasks are achieved excellently in the agreed time.


Fundamental quality in the communication with our clients.


Ability to achieve the aim at the times agreed


The perfect gear for buying and selling your home.

“Honesty and excellence guide the way we work”

Purchase process.

During the buying and selling process we will act on behalf of our clients. Or, if you wish, we will facilitate your intervention in the operations that require it. Faced with possible unforeseen events that may arise, we will speed up the procedures to meet the deadline, which is usually approximately one month.




Why choose Savloir?

In our day to day we help non-residents to buy or sell their house on the Costa Blanca, that’s why we have specialized in real estate law.

We anticipate the unexpected. The experience and background gained in transactions of this type help us to anticipate possible conflict situations.

We provide legal and tax advice to residents and non-residents in Spain to defend their rights and keep them up to date with their obligations.

We set the deadline and meet it. We set the deadline and meet it. We achieve that the process of buying and selling a property in Spain becomes effective in approximately one month.




Shall we start?

Fill in the following form and we will contact you to make the purchase and sale of a property on the Costa Blanca a reality.

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