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Procedural Law

Solicitors specialised in procedural court law

Solicitors specialised in procedural court law are the ones you turn to when out-of-court channels have been exhausted and the only thing left to do to solve a situation arising from the sale and purchase of property is to go to court.

If a foreign resident in Spain is taking professional advice when buying or selling property, the only solicitors they are likely to meet are those who specialise in real estate and tax law.

Occasionally, though, a real estate transaction can become problematic, due to misunderstandings or ill will on behalf of one of the parties. Mediation must be sought in such cases, but if that does not work, court proceedings are necessary, and this is where our solicitors specialised in judicial procedural law, come in.

When are solicitors specialised in judicial procedural law needed?

We believe that many conflictive situations in the purchase and sale of a property can be settled at the negotiation table by means of a dialogue to clarify doubts and misunderstandings, so as to bring the negotiation to a successful conclusion, where everyone is satisfied and the intended objectives are achieved.

However, undesirable situations may arise, such as a breach of contract, attempted or actual fraud (selling property in bad conditions, theft of down payments, etc.), or other administrative misconduct that is beyond the knowledge of the conveyancing solicitor counselling the buyer or seller of the property.

This is when the assistance of a lawyer experienced in procedural law should be sought to provide you with an overview of the steps to follow, or the correct approach to pursue the case and file it in court if a compromise or settlement is not reached first.

Should this be the case, we have the team of experienced litigation solicitors at your service.


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