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Real Estate Law


Real Estate Law in Spain

Buying and selling real estate is generally an important investment for anyone, so it is advisable to entrust this work to a professional in real estate law for advice and supervision of the transaction. The contract of sale implies different rights and obligations, both for the buyer and for the seller. It is therefore of special interest that the lawyer in charge of this task is aware of all the vicissitudes that may emerge from the process.

In Savloir you will find your trusted legal team made up of experts in real estate transactions. We will make sure that the entire buying and selling process is excellent, with full guarantee for you: from the signing of the first reservation contract, to the registration in the Land Registry, through the presentation and settlement of taxes. In other words: we offer our clients comprehensive, high quality legal advice, always looking for the best for you and your family through a transaction without risks or surprises. We follow excellence so that your only concern is the choice of your new home or the decision to sell your property.

Real Estate Lawyer Services in Spain

  • Deposit contract
  • Sales contract
  • Check the legal and registration status of the dwelling
  • Check possible loads in the dwelling
  • Procedures with the Notary’s office
  • Presentation and settlement of taxes arising from the sale and purchase
  • Declarations of work
  • Foreign investments in Spain
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Processing of town planning licences, habitability certificates, etc.

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