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Before purchasing a property, it is essential to obtain a simple note from the property registry to verify the legal status of the property. This document, along with the cadastral certification from the cadastre, provides detailed information about the property and its reference value.

It is advisable to have the assistance of a notary to authenticate all necessary documents, including the reservation contract and the earnest money contract, which ensure the reservation of the property until the final signing. It is also necessary to obtain the energy efficiency certificate, which indicates the energy consumption of the property.

The tax representative is essential if the buyer does not reside in the country, and the notarial power of attorney will allow procedures to be carried out on their behalf. At the time of the transaction, it is common to use a bank check or an international transfer for the payment.

The capital gains tax is a consideration, and it must be verified that there are no urban planning violations through the corresponding certificate. Additionally, it is crucial to confirm the sewer connection or, if not available, the existence of an adequate septic tank.

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